Universal Worship School

Universal Worship Ray

Cherag Ordination (Left to Right)
Standing: Cheraga Sandy, Cherag Karim, Cheraga Denise, Cheraga Katherine, Cheraga Mary, Cheraga Nano,
Cherag David, Cherag Kabir, Cheraga Jelili, Cheraga Jannat
Seated: Cheraga Zuhra, Cheraga Jauhra, Murshida Rabia, Siraja Bhakti, Khalifa Jamila

In the Universal Worship service all religions are honored. It gathers monthly at the last Sunday of every month. See schedule for a list of dates.

A two-year training class in the study of world religions and for the purpose of ordination and certification in ministry and chaplaincy service is available. Students who are interested must contact Murshida Rabia for application.

Spirit of Guidance

The Divine Spirit of Guidance, which throughout all time has silently motivated mankind along the path of God-consciousness by means of various religious trends seen and unseen by the world at Large, is revealing itself in our age in a liberation of spiritual Ideals, moving the world to rise above all types of dogmatism and speculative sectarianism. This universal impulse, which is the source of inspiration behind the garb of the message of Spiritual liberty, is launching an appeal in our time to all brothers and sisters of all beliefs and convictions to join in a compassionate unity of spiritual Ideals. This universal concept of religion is sacredly manifested in a ceremonial offering wherein all religions, whether known or unknown to the world, are invoked in serene devotion. This religious activity represents the soul force of a movement of Love, Harmony and Beauty, and should forever be preserved in all its dignity as a mystical awakening. Speculative experiments altering the ritual in answer to Local desiderata have no place in the original settings, as designed by inspiration for ages to come by the first Siraj-un-Hunir of the Universal Worship.

We offer to the Omniscient God
our reverence, our homage and our gratitude
for the light of the Divine Wisdom…