The Sufi Movement International Structure


  • Administrative structure (94K image)
  • Esoteric structure
    • Universal Worship Activity
    • Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity
    • Healing Activity
    • Symbology Activity
    • Esoteric Activity

Esoteric Structure of the Sufi Movement

The Sufi Movement was founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Headquarters Office is in Geneva, Switzerland. The president of the Sufi Movement is the Representative General (the Head of the five Activities). The Executive Supervisor is vice-president. The five Activities of the Sufi Movement are: the Universal Worship Activity, the Brother- and Sisterhood Activity, the Healing Activity, the Symbology Activity and the Esoteric Activity.

According to the articles of incorporation, the Headquarters of the International Sufi Movement comes under the direction of nine officers, among whom four occupy an administrative function, while five others are appointed Secretaries entrusted with the responsibility of guarding the standards of the five Activities of the Sufi Movement.

The four principal officers are: the President (General Representative), the Vice-President (Executive Supervisor), the General Secretary, and the Treasurer. Besides these four principal officers, there are five Secretaries, one for each of the following activities: the Esoteric Activity (Sufi Order), the Universal Worship Activity (including additional activities), the Spiritual Healing Activity, the Symbology Activity, and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Activity.

  1. The Esoteric Activity is under the leadership of the Pir-o-Murshid, and the Madar-ul Maham is the Secretary.
  2. The Universal Worship Activity is under the leadership of the Siraj-un-Munir, and the Moin-ul-Maham is the Secretary.
  3. The Spiritual Healing Activity is under the leadership of the Sahaba-e-Safa, and the Bayt-ul-Haramisthe Secretary.
  4. The Symbology Activity is under the leadership of the Most Experienced Farmer and the Dar-es-Salam is the Secretary.
  5. The Brotherhood/Sisterhood Activity is under the leadership of the President, and the Peshkar is the Secretary.

Universal Worship Activity

This has two main activities: the Universal Worship and the Confraternity of the Message.

Participants in the Universal Worship are:
Cherag officiating
Siraj officiating and taking care of the preservation of the Service and may ordain Cherags or Cheragas
Moin-ul-Maham Secretary to the Siraj-un-Munir
Siraj-un-Munir Head of the Universal Worship Activity
Participants in the Confraternity of the Message are:
Mureeds who have an affinity for the Confraternity
Conductor of Confraternity may lead the Confraternity in a group
Leader of Confraternity in a Center

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity

This activity has as object to bring into practice the basic theme of the Sufi Message which is to be a true brother and sister to all and to all religions:

Local Representative 
Regional Representative 
National Representative 
Continental Representative 
PeshkarSecretary to the president of the Br/S Activity
PresidentHead of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity

The Healing Activity

This activity is the activity of Spiritual Healing

ConductorConductor of the Ceremony
LeaderLeader of several Conductors in one town
ShefayatRegional Representative of the Healing Activity
KefayatNational Representative of the Healing Activity
Bayt-ul-HaramSecretary to the Sahaba-es-Safa
Sahaba-es-SafaHead of the Spiritual Healing Activity

The Symbology Activity

This involves a deeper understanding of the meaning of symbols in our daily life, with two activities: Ziraat, a symbolism of farming, and the Element Ritual, a ritual of element, movement and color.

Experienced Farmer 
Dar-es-SalamSecretary to the Most Experienced Farmer
Most Experienced FarmerHead of the Symbology Activity

The Esoteric Activity

This is the Esoteric School on Inner Culture of the Sufi Movement

1. ElementaryStudy Circle 
2. JuniorStudy Circle 
3. SeniorStudy Circle 
4. AssociateAdvanced Circle 
5. LicentiateAdvanced Circle 
6. InitiateAdvanced Circle 
7. NaqibHigher Circle 
8. NaqibHigher Circle 
9. NaqibHigher Circlethe 9th-level Naqib can have right of Bayat for 1st initiation
10. Shaikh/KhalifHigher Circleright of Bayat up to and including 6th initiation
11. MurshidHigher Circleright of Bayat up to and including 10th initiation
12. Pir-o-MurshidHigher Circleright of Bayat all grades
Madar-ul-MahamSecretary to the Pir-o-Murshid
Pir-o-MurshidHead of the Esoteric Activity