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Universal Worship Ray


In the Universal Worship service all religions are honored. Often the Universal Worship service is available monthly. Check your local Sufi Movement group for a schedule of Universal Worship services. For services conducted by Murshida Rabia, see the schedule page. (When conducting a Cherag Training program, Murshida Rabia conducts a Universal Worship service on class days with assistance from the students.)

A two-year training class in the study of world religions and for the purpose of ordination and certification in ministry and chaplaincy service is available. Students who are interested must contact Murshida Rabia for an application.

Read an article written by Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan on Spiritual Liberty. It gives a clear idea about Sufism as seen from an international point of view and emphasizes the Ideal of Unity in diversity.

Dearest Light Bearers,
It is with joy that we post this June, 2014 letter from our co-leader and Moin-ul-Maham, Murshida Ulma Moerenburg who leads the Cherag training in the Netherlands. We are united in the work of Spiritual Liberty and the Unity of Religious Ideals.
Blessings all,
Murshida Rabia

Click the image to download a PDF file of the letter:

Cherag Ordination, 2013

The Ordination for the students in the 2011-2013 Cherag Training was held on May 4, 2013 at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco, CA. It was a glorious day for the Sufi Message.

Dr. Bahman Shirazi, a faculty member at The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) was our guest speaker. His topic was "The Benefit of Studying the World Religions".

Seated (Left to Right): Reverends Naheed Jo Laurence,
Farah Andi Berrin (supporting the new ordinands),
Murshida Rabia Perez-Chisti, and Alima Christine Selberg (supporting the new ordinands). Dr. Bahman Shirazi (speaker).

Standing (Left to Right): Reverends Layla Christine Rosche,
Adeeba Mary Reynold Meyer, Khaliq Michael Ferrel,
Isha Jane Thanx, Talib Stephen Murray,
and Meena Sharon Broadhead.

In the back: Surlaya Sangham Trio with Joan, Zia and Steve,
who played wonderful music.

Photos taken by Andalieb Carole LaCock.
More photos can be seen on the Ordination Photos page.


Cherag Ordination, 2011

Cherag Ordination was held on May 7, 2011 at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco, CA.

Standing (Left to Right): Taaj Cynthia Letton, Alima Christine Selberg, Farah Andrea Berrin, Hafiza Vanessa Ragan, Shazaadee Zoe Wild, Zubin Goldman (who made the robes) and Naqiba Nur-un-nisa von Goertz
Seated: Murshida Rabia Perez-Chisti and Philip Scott

Pourya Khadimi played beautiful Persian music.

For more photos, see the Ordination Photos page.

Previous Cherag Ordination

Cherag Ordination (Left to Right)
Standing: Cheraga Sandy, Cherag Karim, Cheraga Denise, Cheraga Katherine, Cheraga Mary, Cheraga Nano,
Cherag David, Cherag Kabir, Cheraga Jalila, Cheraga Jannat
Seated: Cheraga Zuhra, Cheraga Jauhara, Murshida Rabia, Siraja Bhakti, Khalifa Jamila



Khalifah Jauhara Care (second from left in the first row) has an article available, which may be of interest to Cherags involved in hospice work. See Returning to the Source: A View on Death-Rebirth about the relationship between hospice and the Eleusinian Mysteries (and other native traditions) in the dying-rebirthing process.

Spirit of Guidance

The Divine Spirit of Guidance, which throughout all time has silently motivated mankind along the path of God-consciousness by means of various religious trends seen and unseen by the world at Large, is revealing itself in our age in a liberation of spiritual Ideals, moving the world to rise above all types of dogmatism and speculative sectarianism. This universal impulse, which is the source of inspiration behind the garb of the message of Spiritual liberty, is launching an appeal in our time to all brothers and sisters of all beliefs and convictions to join in a compassionate unity of spiritual Ideals. This universal concept of religion is sacredly manifested in a ceremonial offering wherein all religions, whether known or unknown to the world, are invoked in serene devotion. This religious activity represents the soul force of a movement of Love, Harmony and Beauty, and should forever be preserved in all its dignity as a mystical awakening. Speculative experiments altering the ritual in answer to Local desiderata have no place in the original settings, as designed by inspiration for ages to come by the first Siraj-un-Hunir of the Universal Worship.

We offer to the Omniscient God
our reverence, our homage and our gratitude
for the light of the Divine Wisdom...

June 2007

The time when the Cherag comes in the room where the Universal Worship
is going to be performed, he must bear in mind that he is coming with
the Sufi Message to give in the form of the Universal Worship.

from Cherag's Paper July 18, 1926

Dear siraj(a)s, cherag(a)s and candidate-cherag(a)s,

[Below you'll] find a part of Cherag's Paper from July 18, 1926.

In this paper our beloved Murshid speaks about the concentration that the cherag must hold while doing the Universal Worship.

He explains that we are united with God, the Messengers and Prophets. If we are conscious of that, we will have the right attitude to officiate in the Universal Worship. The ordination inspires us to be the channels through which the Message will flow.

Let us be aware of the connection we have with the first Siraj-un-Munir; he will guide us in our work for the Cause.

May his words inspire you and I wish you all, dear siraj(a)s, cherag(a)s and candidate-cherag(a)s, Murshid’s nearness in your heart.

With most loving greetings,
Ulma Moerenburg

Cherag's Paper – July 18, 1926

Today I would like to speak on the concentration that the Cherag must hold while doing the service. The time when the Cherag comes in the room where the Universal Worship is going to be performed, he must bear in mind that he is coming with the Sufi Message to give in the form of the Universal Worship. At that time he must think that he is the vehicle at that particular moment to give the Message to those who are waiting to receive it. He must absolutely forget his own personality in the thought of the Message, in the spirit of the Message.

And when the Cherag says: "Towards the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty . . . " to think that he is united with God, that he is working for God, and all that he says and does is towards God. And when he says: "united," then he must know that he is united with all the Prophets and Messengers whose names are mentioned in the service, also those whose names are unknown, and those who are not mentioned. That he is united with them all, that he is the Representative of all the spiritual souls, Prophets and Masters and Messengers.

And when he raises the taper to kindle the lights, he must think in his mind that the light that was given by that particular religion, which by the lapse of time has become dim, needs to be kindled, and here I am kindling it.

And when he is kindling the candle of those known and unknown Messengers, he must think that: the Divine wisdom as the one underlying current in all religions, which has become dim, now I am kindling it. Never think that: I am a limited being, a Cherag, a personality, how could I think of this. At that time never think that: I am a certain individual, or even a Cherag. Think that: I am the representative this time, that this is my sacred mission to do it. Destiny has meant that at this time I must do it for the whole world, for the whole universe. That must be the spirit. And there is a great magic hidden behind it.

And when the Cherag reads the passage he must read with appreciation, he must read with devotion, and he must read with understanding, and he must read with the thought at the back of it that it goes and enlightens the listeners.

And when he raises the book and says: "We offer to the omniscient God our reverence, our homage and our gratitude for the Light of the Divine . . . " to think at that time of the Messenger who brought that Message and to feel and realize, that he is at onement with that Messenger.

And when the Cherag says his first prayer, he must think and feel every word of the prayer. And with Saum he must realize the birth of the Message, with Salat he must realize the continuity, the life of the Message. And with Khatum, the last prayer, he must realize the fulfillment of the Message.

To perform the service has a spiritual magic in it. And if it is performed with that magic its effect is thousand times greater.

When the Cherag gives blessings and raises his hands he must not think that these are his own hands. He must think that these are the hands of the Message itself blessing humanity. Then the effect will manifest.

And when he leaves gently the room he has performed, he must think that he is leaving there in that place and in the heart of those who are present an everlasting impression of the sacred word of God.

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